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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Who's Your Hero of the Day?

Remember when I told you I wrote a guest post on someone else's blog about Frances Kaszubski, a pioneer in women's fitness back in the 1950's? I said Frances was my Mommy Fitness Hero. Well, I wasn't sure if anyone actually read that post.

Turns out, at least one person did, and that was her son, Mr. Walter Kase. He said: "After reading your article on Frances Kaszubski, I wanted to let you know she is the person I refer to as 'Mom'. I am the 'healthy baby boy' referred to in your article. At 92+, she still has oomph, and she is still kickin’. Thank you for the honors."

This warms my heart. Thank you, Mr. Kase, for making my day.

Sometimes, I write and write and write and feel silly that only a few people read my words. And then, I'm reminded that telling little stories is worth the trouble, especially when you find a gem like Frances Kaszubski hidden inside Wikipedia and Google and can highlight her story for a day.

Everyone deserves a highlight. It's good to be remembered.

Who's story will you share today?


Tracy Benham said...

I think you underestimated how many people read that piece. I thought it was great and I too love her!
Love the blog & Twitter posts!
Tracy Benham
Sports Health Exercise LLC
Active Health Network(tm)

Miss Julie said...

Thanks Tracy! Thanks for reading. Frances rocks, and she's obviously a good mother, because she has a very charming and polite son.