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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

TweetUp Tonight!

Hey Bendites,

We're having a TweetUp to welcome Julio Fernandez to town! A TweetUp is a term that all the wacky people from Twitter throw out when they want to get together for a party. Sort of like a Rave for geeks. Minus the Ecstasy, of course. Or maybe like the "progressive dinners" we enjoyed in high school youth group. Or the PubCrawls we joined in college.

So basically, it's a party, and everyone is welcome.

Please join us at the Blacksmith restaurant, for a no-host Happy Hour from 5:00-7:00. We may wander over to a pub afterwards for a burger, so follow us @juliejulie, @fiveforefun, @SocialJulio) on Twitter, or check the Twitter stream here, on my blog (look to your right!)

Tweet Tweet,

Miss juliejulie

1 comment:

Miss Julie said...

What a fun evening! We had 40 people show up - woot! Special thanks to the Blacksmith restaurant for hosting our rather talkative happy hour cocktail party/networking event.

Thanks Tweets, lets do it again some time!