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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Gold Star for Deb!

She did it, she did it! She actually did it 4 and 1/2 times

One of my loyal readers, Deb, over at Weight for Deb set a goal for herself to do a real, full on, un-aided pull up. She did four and a half! And she posted a video to prove it.

Congratulations, Deb. You deserve this star, but more importantly, you deserve our respect. I can't even do a half pull up. Yet. Maybe I should work toward it.

Anyone want to join me in a pull up quest? Any hints Deb?


Deb said...

Thank you for this honor! May I please remind your readers that I am 56, have successfully lost 40#, and just started working out 2 years ago? So those thinking they could never do this because... have lost lots of their excuses.

The secrets (hmm I'm going to have to make this a post for myself, too):

#1. State your goal with I WILL, not I would like, I want. The intent must be there.

#2. Set a date. I exceeded by goal date by 5 weeks, but a date is important.

#3. Get support. Adam pushed me hard to get this done. Blog buddies, gym buddies, friends, ME, whoever.

#4. Work at this goal every week. I worked on the assisted-pull-up machine at the gym, plus lots of lat pull-down, and lots of core work. You need a good core to do this.

Now go forth, join the pull-up crazed masses (it is so cool to see women doing pull ups at the gym. Really!)!

Miss Julie said...

Deb: Good advice for Pull-ups, and for life, most certainly!

Chubby Mommies: let's do this thing! Pull-up wanna be's unite!