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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

8 lbs of Pure Athlete

This is Pierre the Papillon. He is small but mighty. We take him on a 3 mile walk every day. 3 miles over the hills, through the woods and often to grandma's house. He also floats the Deshutes River on an inflatable raft, and watches birds from a boat in the middle of high desert mountain lakes. Soon, he will start Agility training, since it turns out Papillons live for obstacle courses.

Pierre doesn't really look like an athlete, but then neither do I. In order to get my heart rate up to my fat burning zone, when I'm walking with Pierre instead of jogging on my own, I now have to carry 25 pounds of weights up the hills and through the woods. That's like carrying three Pierres.

I'd like to get a nifty hi-tech weighted vest, like the over-achiever athletes tend to use. You know, those people who train for Ironman and Ultra Marathons? For now, I just put my hand weights in a backpack.

I'm built for comfort, Pierre is built for speed. Together we navigate the winding roads to good health and fitness.


M said...

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing! I like your site...btw!

twokitties said...

Now wouldn't that make a great self portrait? You walking up Pilot Butte with three papillon's strapped to your chest?

Miss Julie said...

Thanks Mark! Those Burpees you're doing on your site look impossible.

Heidi - I think I could put one dog on the my back, one on my chest, and one on my head.

Deby said...

I think I've seen you two out on your strolls. And yes, you would look kinda funny with three papillon's strapped to your chest. (I had to laugh when I had that mental image)

Good job both of you for your consistancy. That is everything.