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Monday, August 18, 2008

She's Just Not Into You -Icky Fish Food

I'm supposed to eat more fish. Everyone always tells me I should. All those Omegas, all those fatty acids, all oils.

Ick. I'm so not into fish. I've tried, believe me. I grew up fishing and camping, cooking Rainbow Trout over the open fire. My dad brought home fresh salmon and crab from the Pacific Ocean constantly, and we had a little smoker in the backyard. I mean, we even had salmon loaf for Christmas dinner once.

So, it seems like I should like eating fish. It seems like I should appreciate it. I don't.
It's not just the creepy, slimy bodies and faces of the dead fish that gets me, it's the actual taste.
It's just so...fishy.

Of course, top notch mild flavored restaurant fish, which is poached in butter and garlic and surrounded by super delicious side dishes is okay. I won't refuse it, and I've been known to eat a shrimp or two at a fancy cocktail party, especially if it's beautifully presented in a Martha Stewart way.

But I don't even know how to cook fish, and my husband has to leave the house if I try, since he doesn't like it either and no matter what, it smells like fish. I got the kids some fish sticks last week, in an attempt to be non-biased and introduce them to a varied diet.
They didn't like it either.

So I'm eating more flax seed, instead for my Omegas, or whatever for my health. Flax seed
doesn't have have to be caught, cleaned, and get it's head chopped off before I eat it.

I'm really into flax right now. Maybe I should move on to hemp, too. Yum.


Mrs. G. said...

I love the nutty flavor the flaxseed brings to the salad.

Dea said...

I prefer the flax too - I take the supplements to get Omegas...and my hubby made me try the Fish Oil ones - EEW! fish burps all day long, no thanks!

Little Things said...

I'll eat your fish for you. YUM!