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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Meeting Fawn and RunGeeksRun

No more need to be afraid...I met her, in real life. I met Fawn, the "real" runner who reads my blog and talks of things with "K" on the end, like 5K and 10K, while I speak of cupcakes and vodka.

I was scared of Fawn for awhile, because she wanted me to start a real club, and I was feeling lazy about all the running that would probably happen in a real club. But a few friends said maybe we could just walk instead, so I agreed and we got regular with our walking, and it is fun.
But Fawn has a busy life with a baby and a husband and a new job and hasn't been able to walk with us, so she has remained elusive and mysterious, hidden behind the internets. Until Friday, that is.

A bunch of us met downtown for lunch and a melding of bloggers and tech women and various and assorted friends welcomed Fawn to our table with open arms. Well, I hugged her at least. And she hugged me back. We are friends now, I'm sure of it.

Turns out Fawn is taller than I envisoned. Plus I thought she would be really quiet and shy, maybe because she's named Fawn. But she seems quite outgoing and funny and sparkly, which is always nice. I adore quiet people, I live with a few, but sometimes I just need some other wacky people around so I don't dominate the lunch table every minute. I think Fawn has a wacky gene, which is about the most fabulous kind of gene to have, in my opinion.

By the way, have you ever had wacky cake? My mother-in-law makes it with my kids. We tell them it makes them more wacky. But I digress...

So I asked Fawn to volunteer for this new little running "club" I've volunteered to help facilitate. It's called and it all started on Twitter and FriendFeed one day when a bunch of us were trying to convince Robert Scoble, a roving video journalist at Fast Company, to go running.

Several geeky strangers bonded right then and there in cyberspace, and we decided to start a club. Fawn and I are members in the RunBendRun group, so check us out, and join us. We're thinking of putting on a little 5K run for charity in November with a few corporate partners who are happy to support casual runners and walkers like me, along with serious runners like Fawn.

Stay tuned, and join us in Trying Not Crying, and making new friends.


Fawn said...

Oh JulieJulie, It was great to meet you the other day as well. So fun!

Thanks for the ego boost. I don't consider myself a "serious runner" but rather just a "finisher". Perhaps I should give myself a gold star and have a little more faith in myself.

I look forward to our 5k collaboration!

Deby said...

Ok, after this 3-Day walk is over (two weeks and countin), I will make every effort to join you guys somehow. Even if it is only occasionally. You ladies are just too cool to not meet and sweat with.