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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Why I Married a Smart Guy

A girl loves softball. A boy loves baseball. A mom sees a good way to get them both outside and out of her hair.

  1. The Mom buys a "pitch back" net at the store.
  2. The Mom hates puzzles.
  3. The Mom asks the smarty pants Dad, who's good at puzzles, to put it together.
  4. The Dad is busy changing the world, he says he'll do it later.
  5. The Mom dumps everything out of the box, but can't find the directions.
  6. The Mom mentions to the Dad that it seems all the parts aren't included.
  7. The Dad sits at the computer and rolls his eyes.
  8. The Mom puts the frame together, she's quite proud. She just has to put on the net.
  9. The Mom calls in the Boy, to show off, and prove she is smart and wonderful.
  10. The Boy is delighted. He is impressed. He hugs the Mom.
  11. The Girl views the progress from the top of the stairs. She's not ready to celebrate, yet.
  12. The Mom and the Boy work on attaching the net, but the hooks don't work.
  13. The Mom realizes she forgot to attach the hooks to the frame, so she can't attach the net.
  14. The Mom disassembles the entire frame.
  15. The Mom finds the directions in the hook bag. Eureka!
  16. The Boy helps the Mom slide all the hooks onto the pieces of frame.
  17. The Mom reassembles the frame. It looks different this time, for some reason.
  18. The Dad and the Girl observe from afar. They are quiet.
  19. The Mom shows the Boy how to attach the net to the hooks.
  20. Huh.
  21. Something is not right.
  22. The net is too small.
  23. The Dad takes the dog for a walk.
  24. The Girl goes back to her room to read her book.
  25. The Boy says encouraging words, to help the mom figure out a solution.
  26. The Mom sighs. She is stumped. She says we need Dad after all.
  27. The Boy agrees. He sits and waits for the Dad. He is a patient Boy.
  28. The Mom leaves the room.
  29. The Dad comes back. For some reason, he is not surprised.
  30. The Dad takes apart the frame, the net, the hooks, and puts them all back together again.
  31. The Boy helps the Dad attach the net.
  32. The Girl comes down to look.
  33. The Dad takes the Girl and the Boy and a ball and a bat to the park.
  34. The Mom is not so dumb after all.


Jen said...

Having attempted assembling a pitch-back myself (before a had a Scott)... I can commiserate. I think we should go out for a cupcake to celebrate how smart you are!

Deby said...

I haven't the vaguest idea what a pitch-back is, but since you mentioned baseball I'll assume it is ball related.

Congrats on the final result of getting the thing assembled and the three hooligans out of the house to play with it.

I could use a cupcake too.

Miss Julie - Chubby Mommy said...

Yum, cupcakes...

Anonymous said...

That is a good story.
Anon K

:: becky said...

I was at Freddie's yesterday and saw the pitch-backs. I contemplated purchasing one for Maggi and decided against it until I ask her if she'd like one.

After your story I think I made the right decision otherwise I probably would have spent my Sunday trying to put the thing together.

I might have to rethink even asking her if she wants one. She can chase her own balls right?

:: becky said...

Oh, and one other thing. Does your smart guy use the directions when putting something together? My smart guy refuses to.

soulfulstrut321 said...

this is usually closer to the top of my lists....

#20. huh