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Monday, April 7, 2008

"Mom fat stew?"

Someone in Korea reads my blog. I think that's pretty cool. So last night, after we ate our cake for dinner, we started running Queen songs through the Google Translator just for fun, to read what the Koreans see when they translate some of the world's greatest pop-songs into their native tongue.

Just for kicks, we ran my "Heavenly Chocolate Frosting" blog post from yesterday through the translator, in honor of my Korean reader.

This is funnier than the original post, by far, and I think "Mom fat stew?" would be good on the back of our Chubby Mommy Running Club t-shirts.

Pro heavenly chocolate sugar

But out of all of the people are hungry today. It is a rare, full, but today I am. It is a coincidence, I tell you.

When I was hungry, I go to the supermarket and buy the store - real good food and cooking dinner for everyone. But I do not hunger, and are not included in the mood for shopping nane (it is a coincidence!), A few things so I can decide for the rest of us, eating people in the house to eat. Maybe they get to fill baked, and I can not have dinner, I think.

My husband and the children in this house is very thin, and his hot furnaces that burn food in the belly of the remarkable speed. They had to eat a lot of calories daily. I am trying to get them to eat the "full" foods like rice cakes instead of the chips, but sometimes the husband to run out and buy the same things interesting bars, cookie jar so they survive suit.

Need about 1,800 calories a day just to maintain my chubbiness. While the order to lose two pounds a week, as I cut back to 1,400 calories and execution. It's the calm one. It's sad but true. However, I have all the people that the longer the famine. I hope alive, but the solitude. They do not eat me first. Mom, fat stew? I definitely bid and delicious.

My daughter is 14 years need to eat about 3,000 calories per day is required. She is 5'4 "and weighs 100 pounds, exactly, and the growth over time, she's a vegetarian, so we need to provide options for the good of her good health, do not forget, since she is not like vitamins, uninsured like the liver, or nuts, or most dairy products. chaeil eat cheese and eggs and some beans, and fruits and vegetables, bread.

It takes a lot of cheese and tomato string of 3000 calories. This child hunger, and sometimes I need to eat cakes like she was just enough to get her in the forest furnaces.

Today is one of those days. I made her scones in the morning, she has an orange for lunch, a vegetable omelet, popcorn for a snack. Forget. She needed. She found a box of cake, on the back of mixed groceries, and I showed her how to make chocolate butter cream from scratch.

Two sticks butter, coconut powder, powdered sugar, vanilla and a little milk. She is a whip with the mixer all bitgwadoegi teolyihapnida before. She was tested several times to make sure it tastes right, and to reinforce the body of her hunger, since the mixing process alone for at least make sure she burns 200 calories.

Willing to take her product to completion. "We eat a lot of sugar, it is easy procedure," she said, "This store - Sugar Mountain View a good professional, but a few After moisture, it's like - ick, I am enough - but is it? Do this, I could eat all day. I can not believe that people are nice in the store, even if they knew how friendly the purchase handmade, this is heaven for the taste of sugar pro? "

Oh yeah, they saw in the sky day after day, eating sugar professional, I think. This can even eat dogs in heaven, perhaps, and never sick. In fact, I bet my grandmother was feeding her dog, yet all we have to say chocolate butter cream. They were all sitting in front of her to be ready for what she was asked to do the trick, it's just a lick - spoons of sugar from the beginning, she was perfectly teolyihapnida pro. Do not store for them, of course - San pro sugar settled in heaven.

We do not move to the church, so we have our own ideas to get compensation for heaven, thank you. It is a delicious place, we think. They probably do not tteokeuldo there, and there is no need to run.


Anonymous said...

Too funny!

I'm not sure I'm happy to lern that my niece is uninsured like the liver though.


Miss Julie - Chubby Mommy said...

Uninsured livers are the worst kind! I'll try to keep her safe.

Deby said...

That was a hoot. I'll be giggling about that all day.

kjs said...

i do think that execution might be a direct translation of exercise.
has to be!

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly, one of your Grandma's dogs was so homely that he deserves a pick-up truck full of special frosting just to make up for how he looked while on Earth. Thank goodness for heaven! --- AK

soulfulstrut321 said...

sweet...i wanna be a "sugar pro"


Chubby Mommy said...

Nice name. I liked it when I picked it, too.

Miss Julie - Chubby Mommy said...

Hey, other Chubby Mommy, thanks for reading! Are you a runner too? Chubby Mommy Running Club is happy to have all mommies, non-mommies, runners, non-runners, chubby and non-chubby. We are an equal opportunity community around here.

Peace and Orange shoes,

Miss Julie