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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Eye Rolling

My daughter's teacher asked her what her parents do when they get mad. She said we sigh a lot. And we roll our eyes. And sometimes mom yells. And if it gets really loud and the children are just not listening to her yells, mom will pound her hand on the kitchen counter to make a point.

That'd be me. Sometimes eye rolling and sighing just aren't loud enough to get the point across, I guess. Although I don't do the hand pounding very often, because it hurts my hand and I'm a wimp.

Turns out the dog sighs a lot too. And harrumphs. I wonder if she's mad? Hard to tell with a dog. What does a sigh mean in dog language? If she were able to roll her eyes without looking rabid, she might. I don't think slamming her paw on the floor would make much of an impact.

I imagine you have to be careful about facial expressions when you're a dog, or people might tie you up in the barn (or the garage) for a few days to make sure you're not going mad. If dog's showed us their true feelings all the time, we might not feel as kindly toward them.

I wonder what the dog would tell her teacher about the other things the parents do at our house when the kids aren't there to monitor us. Now that could be embarrassing.


The Real Mother Hen said...

Dog is watching you :)

Miss Julie - Chubby Mommy said...

lol! perhaps she should go in the garage for just a bit...

Deby said...

Man, I hope my two little ones never get asked that question. How potentially embarrasing! I think we have a lot of arm waving in our house as opposed to sighing.

Except for Thor, he sighs a LOT.