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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Twitter Geeks, Walkie Talkies and Wigs - I am guilty

I accidentally fell into another bad time wasting Internet habit, and its name is Twitter.

Check out, and enter my code name, juliejulie. See if you can find me.

Beware. Twitter is a little bit addicting.

It's like public IM, I guess, in a way. Or like "short blogging." Honestly, anything that forces me to be brief is good and bad. Good because more people are able to get a word in edge-wise, which they like, but bad because I just keep coming back for more, all day long.

So I'm trying to make Twitter part of my job, which is corporate event strategy, so that I'll have a valid excuse to be a professional Twitter Goof-Off. I've got some ideas. I think Twitter has some big potential at big parties.

Geeks love to party, and geeks like party games, as long as they think they're creating them on the fly. So I'm gonna try to figure out some big, big Twitter party ideas.

I'm also very interested in Walkie Talkies. I had some as a kid, although they weren't very good ones, and it was hard to hear the neighbor boy when we were roaming in the woods playing army. He always made me be the Germans, so I just pretended all the static was a foreign language I couldn't quite understand.

I think all this new cell phone and web technology is being created by kids who either miss their old Walkie Talkies, wanted better Walkie Talkies, or who are too young to know what a Walkie Talkie is, so they've created their own kick-ass version of a Walkie Talkie, which is called an iPhone

Oh, and while I'm on the topic of revising old trends, here's one more thing, that I think should come back full force for the new generation: wigs.

Britney Spears tried to re-start the wig trend, but she went about it all wrong.

My husband loves it when I get extra wigs at Halloween and just randomly put one on in the morning every six months or so. The kids crack up, but the dog HATES it. For a creature who experiences 90% of life through her nose, you'd think she'd know it's still me, even though my hair is suddenly long and blond, but she freaks out.

If I could just get the dog to Twitter, or use a Walkie Talkie, I think her life would be much easier.


Jen said...

Ask your hubz about "IRC". That is the closest geek comparison I can think of. Except you get to choose who to listen to so if someone is a jerk you can block them.

Oh, and Scott says "hi". The old fashioned way, because he doesn't twitter.

:: becky said...

Twitter is very addicting. My hard drive blew a few months ago and I just didn't reinstall Twitter because I knew how addicting it was. I guess I better reinstall it and catch up... Twitterers Anonymous here I come :-)

Jon's wife said...

I am SOOOOOOOO addicted to twitter (and I follow you, btw). I remember IRC Jen. LOL

Jon thinks that twitter can be mundane

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