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Friday, March 7, 2008

Spring Run Mantra

Here's my foot avoiding the last of the snow on Overturf Butte in NW Bend. I had to wear my old shoes since its still quite muddy out there and I didn't want to ruin my fabulous orange Asics for no good reason.

I'm so happy that Spring is popping out and the snow is finally melting. This will help my running career blossom, I think. Nice weather and working from home again make it easier to get outside.

Yesterday, I emailed a friend who runs with me sometimes to tell her I was going running and I'd be back in an hour. She couldn't join me, so she emailed back "You ain't gotta tell me in the future, but if you are trying to help me get my fat a** moving, thanks." We encourage each other, in our own special way.

I've got a new mantra for getting in shape: "Try, Not Cry!"

I'm hoping this will help me with my PMS angst, during those few days when I know I'll feel better if I get out, but just the thought of running those big hills makes me feel weepy. Of course, on those days, all thoughts make me weepy. I call those my "Cry Days." I can't watch most commercials or Little House on the Prarie re-runs on those days. It's just too hard on my family.

Maybe I'll put my "Try, Not Cry!" mantra on the back of the new Chubby Mommy Running Club t-shirts, as an encouraging statement to anyone who's watching me from behind as I chug up those hills.

Hmm...if they're watching my rear when I'm running up the hills, they'll definitely need something encouraging to focus on and read, for their own peace of mind. They might need some counseling or maybe some medication, too.

Maybe I should get a "Big Pharma" to sponsor my blog? They should run their PMS commercials during Little House on the Prarie. Do you think Ma needed a mantra?

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