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Monday, March 24, 2008

Shopping on Easter

Yesterday was Easter. We had a very lazy day, because I was too tired and lazy to clean the house on Saturday in order to invite people over for Easter. Plus, we were invited to an Easter egg party on Saturday, so that seemed festive enough.

So, after the baskets and egg hunt, we went shopping on Easter. Is that bad? Do you think that kind of thing hurts Jesus' feelings?

Here's what happened: Duncan of Pegasus Bookstore is a complete Twitter freak now, and he figured out how to Twitter on his blog. He Twittered that his store was open on Sunday. So we packed up the children and drove over there for a family outing, to get us away from the candy in the Easter baskets.

We were thinking we might go to "brunch" since that word sounds so Easter-ish, but we were still full from candy.

At the bookstore, we wandered the stacks, laughed at funny John Lennon action figures and R2D2 waste baskets, and bought some Pokemon cards and a used book by Alan Alda called "Don't Have Your Dog Stuffed."

Then, we went across the street to the antique store, since it was open, and showed the kids what old telephones and typewriters looked like. It's like a museum over there, I tell you. A museum where you can buy stuff. But we didn't. But maybe we will some day.

We picked out things we all want to get "when we're rich." The kids say, "I know we aren't going to buy anything today, but if we get rich, I really want that Mickey Mouse alarm clock for my birthday." This is the way we train them to drop hints without begging.

It was kind of fun being downtown on Easter Sunday. It was quiet, but a few people were walking around. Some families like us wandered around carrying coffee cups from Cafe Terrazino, some were still dressed in church clothes. I noticed the Patagonia store was open. I guess people who need performance gear need it when they need it, major Christian holidays be damned. Oops, sorry Jesus, I'll try to refrain from cussing.

So then we came home, made some BBQ chicken and pretended we weren't complete sugar addicts and can stop eating jelly beans whenever we want. The kids played with their cards, I read Alan Alda, we watched Disney's "Spirit" movie and fell asleep.

Best holiday I've had in a long time, for sure.


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Anonymous said...

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Miss Julie - Chubby Mommy said...

JASON, you are spam. Knock it off. You're runining the open comments for all of us...

Everyone, ignore Jason, I don't know him. He is hereby publicly shunned.

I'm sure he's crying now.

Wendy said...

I didn't know anything was open on Easter (except grocery and convenience stores) until my daughter told me she had to work.

My new favorite Easter candy is Nerds jellybeans. Sooooo good!