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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cupcakes: the New Coffee

Bad cupcake

I've decided I'm tired of going to coffee. I still like coffee, don't get me wrong, but I'm just tired of "going" to coffee. So I think I'll start "going for cupcakes." All of my business meetings will be conducted over cupcakes now.

Cupcakes aren't just for birthdays any more. Cupcakes are growing up. They are more sophisticated. They're getting a bit snooty; they're almost like tea, really.

From a sugar prospective, I know I'll have to be careful about the constant cupcakes, since I'm not sure I want to run 50 miles a week to burn them off, but I don't think I always have to eat them, even if I "go for" them. Sometimes I "go to coffee" and don't actually get coffee, so I don't think I have to eat a cupcake every time.

I just like the idea of going for a cupcake. I like to say the word cupcake, and I like to look at cupcakes. They're so cheerful.

So now, if I want to pitch something about corporate event strategy to a potential client, I'll just say "can I take you out for a cupcake to tell you a little more about how we can help you?"

Cupcakes are my new sales strategy.

Seriously, how could anyone say no to that? And my boss won't mind seeing all the cupcakes come through on the expense sheet, as long as I explain to her what I'm doing. She can have the accountant just make a cupcake tab in Quick Books, I think. At tax time, she'll just run a report that shows how many cupcakes it took to earn new business. The math people at the IRS can figure it out, I'm sure.

The truth is, I've been "going out for coffee" for about 25 years. I'm tired of it. I need a change.

It all started in high school, when my church youth leader, who was fun and hip, introduced a few of us to cappuccino. This was back in 1983 when I was 17. Starbucks was still new, and the trend was moving south from Seattle. Eugene was just starting to see a few espresso machines popping up around the U of O campus, near our church.

I had to start off with mochas, since the only coffee I usually drank was church coffee on Sunday mornings, and if you've ever had church coffee, you know how horrible it is, even with Coffee Mate and a half a cup of sugar.

But once I got some good coffee, and my tonuge understood what was going on, I graduated to cappuccinos, then to lattes, and finally to my beloved 12 oz Americano with room for cream, since it's cheaper, but still good.

The whole "New Coffee" thing all seemed so cool and hip back then in 1983, and I liked being at the beginning of a trend. I know cupcakes aren't new, and we're smack dab in the middle of the cupcake trend (they made a real come back a few years ago in LA,) but they're still pretty new to Bend, Oregon. New in the "let's go out for a cupcake," way, that is. Many a mom has been baking them at home since the 1940s, as far as a I know.

I like to think of myself as an early adopter, whenever I can. And since I'm not quite smart enough to understand the hottest open source code of the week, I'll just stick to the trends I do understand.

Who wants to go for a cupcake? I can help you.


Jon's wife said...

Those cupcakes are really that great? I must try one someday

Deby said...

What a fabulous idea! You should do a post of all the places in Bend that you can get cupcakes from as you hunt them out.

Shannon said...

Coffee was so yesterday -- yay for cupcakes.

I wish my meetings were conducted over coffee rather than a windowless conference room.

Occidental Girl said...

I love the idea of going for a cupcake! The beautiful part about cupcakes is how well they go with coffee. U R SMART.

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