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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ten things that bother me at 4:00 a.m.

  1. The house smells bad. I need to vacuum the rug, but if I do it now, I'll wake up the family.
  2. I didn't sign the 11 year old up for ice skating lessons, so now she has to stand on the side of the rink and "watch" her friend ice skate today.
  3. Are my kids' lives too boring? Do I tell them there's nothing wrong with hanging out with their family at home because I'm too lazy and cheap to plan exciting, enriching activities for them?
  4. Is being extra frugal so both parents are home with kids, working at start-up companies, and getting "real jobs" every once in a while really better for them, like we always tell them? Or are we just lazy and cheap?
  5. Are vacations, ice skating lessons and skiing rights of childhood in Bend? And am I saying no to Mt. Bachelor because I'm really afraid the kids might fall off the chair lift and die?
  6. Is hanging out at the art studio making mono prints with my friends all day really better for my mental health than cleaning my way out of so much mess and clutter that I wake up in the middle of the night worrying about the smelly rug?
  7. Why don't I volunteer at school more?
  8. Why do I feel like I'm special and does anyone else think I am and why the hell does it even matter?
  9. Why do I say no when my teenage daughter's friend invites her to one of those mega-church youth group things with 600 kids singing Christian pop songs and praying with their hands up in the air when I used to be president of my youth group all through high school?
  10. When did we stop reading books aloud and making up magical pixie and fairy stories for the kids, and would they even want us to start that again?

1 comment:

Little Things said...

1) Sprinkle baking soda on it. It will absorb the odors and you can vaccuum later.
2) She'll live. No matter how big a tragedy she's convinced it is.
3) Probably. Come sit with me, 'cause we're boring too.
4) No comment. I wish I could join the club, though.
5) Yes and yes.
6) Maybe.
7) See "lazy" under #4. ;)
8) I think you're special too. I have no idea why it matters, but I think it has something to do with not being a sheep.
9) I dunno. I say no 'cause I think they're whacked and I don't like cults no matter how culturally acceptable they seem to be.
10) Magical fairy stories can be found with the singing in #9. Or so some say. Or something. I'm going to shut up before I get all offensive, though. And I think you should read Alice in Wonderland to them. That's an amazing book.

Go get some sleep!!