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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Falling Through the Front Door

I fell into my house today.

I was carrying in the groceries, going back and forth and back and forth from curb to kitchen. I tend to "over carry" too many bags and milk jugs and things, to save trips. I like paper, not plastic.

Paper bags filled with apples and eggs and orange juice cartons are trickier to carry than plastic bags with handles, but I manage. Mostly.

The whole process stresses me out a bit. I have to keep the front door slightly ajar so I can push my way through with no hands, but closed enough that my dog won't jump through it and knock over a random, unsuspecting pedestrian walking a dog on a leash. It has happened.

So, I load my arms up with two full bags, then kick the door a bit with my foot to open it. Once I'm through, I snag the corner of the door again with the back of my foot to push it closed, all while balancing my bags.

Today I was on trip # 3 through the door. My system was working pretty well, until I tripped. Not sure how, it all happened in a blur.

I started falling into the window, which is next to the door, and the wooden blinds "broke" my fall, along with my forearm on the window ledge. The shoe rack, and the tray of dog leashes stopped my ankle and hip. So nice of them.

Ouch. I think I twisted my ankle. There goes my plans for running today.

But I held onto the bags. I didn't drop a thing.

I did yell for my husband to help me. He could hear the ruckus, and ran downstairs straight away.

"What happened?" he gasped.

"I don't know, and I don't want to talk about it," I snapped, almost in tears.

He watched me for a bit, then went outside to get the rest of the groceries without a word. He's learned it's better if I just calm down a little after such traumas. If he talks, I might blame it on him, somehow.

A child appeared, trying to be helpful, but I said in the nicest voice I could muster,

"You should go back upstairs. I'm hurt, I'm mad, I'm crabby, and I might yell at you for no good reason and it wouldn't even be your fault!"

She appreciated my honesty, I think, and zipped back up in a hurry.

I know I'm only 42, but fear I will break a hip some day and end up in a nursing home, just bringing in the groceries. I suppose I should start taking some calcium supplements, just in case.


Anonymous said...

My goodness, I'm sorry hear about your mishap! I'm so glad that you are okay.

I was going to reply about the socks when I signed on, so even though this isn't the right blog entry. I'll write it here.

We have about 75 pairs for two people ... (my stepdaughter buys her dad the good kinds for gifts, like thick Wilsons and I decided to share his socks with him since they are more comfortable.) Though we rarely run out, the "good" socks get used up faster, especially since we now have a puppy and I inadvertanly step in puddles and get pee on my socks and have to now change them more frequently. (I used to be more like your boy and wear my socks more than once, but I can't get away with that anymore.)

My sock solution? I finally decided to just wash loads of socks (like loads of towels). They aren't so spread out in different baskets that way, if you were wearing matching pairs to begin with.

Best of luck on the sock battle!

:>) A.K.

Miss Julie - Chubby Mommy said...

Dear A.K.,

Washing socks all together in one or seven loads seems to be a very efficient theory!


Miss Julie

Shannon said...

You're my new role model ... sorting socks to carrying in all the groceries. I hate carrying in groceries -- in fact, I make my husband help but I'm sure that will change when the baby comes.

Can you come and work on my sock drawer?

Miss Julie - Chubby Mommy said...

Dear Shannon,

You are smart to have a baby. As soon as he learns his colors, he can help sort the socks! I had to have three children, since we have so many socks to sort. But you're off to a good start with the one.

Miss Julie

keeneye said...

Go to St.Vincent de Paul, or the Salvation Army -- and visit the handbag section.

I've bought a dozen canvas totes for grocery shopping, and keep them in my trunk so that I don't forget to take them to the grocery store. The bags were cheap; about $1 - $2 a piece, and advertise pharmeceuticals and other nonsense.

You can carry up to 6 of these bags fully-loaded, and never have to worry about dropping them because they're over your shoulder.

Little Things said...

Owie. I hope you're okay!

To avoid the doggie problem (well, at least alleviate it somewhat), I bring all the groceries to the front stoop, then bring them all inside quickly - that way the door doesn't attack me.