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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Orange Shoes

I did go to the FootZone in downtown Bend, and I did buy my all time favorite running shoes that fit my foot like a custom made glove. Or sock.

And the best news of all? They are orange. My shoes are orange, orange, orange.

And even better news? They were on sale. They were only $40.

But really, the very best news that trumps all the other news?

They were actually free.

One of my friends read my blog post way back when I was unemployed, about how I wanted to buy my favorite running shoes but I went for the cheap ones since I was trying to be a responsible, bill paying citizen. So, for my birthday, she gave me a gift card to the FootZone, since she knew they have all the best shoes I covet, the shoes that "real" runners wear.

I know "real" runners wear these because all the people in that store look like "real" runners. They are nice there, they don't say "you don't look like a runner..." they say things like "these shoes run a little small, you may want to try a size up." They don't even question the fact that I may actually run.

The "these run small" phrase is a super good sales tactic. It is much better to think the shoes run small than your foot runs big. Who wants to hear "fat foot?" from some nymph-like cheery "real" runner in a running store? Never in a million years would they say "well, these shoes fit my feet, but I'm super thin and you're not, so maybe you need a bigger, chubbier size." They are not stupid at FootZone. They are smart.

When I say "real" runners, I really mean it. What I mean is, they look the part because they do the work. If I really ran as much as these people do, I'd probably look more like they do. I'm a hobbyist, I guess. I run when the mood strikes me, or when it's sunny and warm. Or when I need something to write about for my blog.

I usually don't get "Trail Runner" shoes. I usually get regular, old-fashioned running shoes. But the orange caught my eye. Those product development people know what they're doing. I mean, I acutally told the salesman "these shoes are so cool, I might even just wear them with jeans."

Whoa. That's a big one for me. I have always kept my running shoes seperate from my wardrobe shoes. It keeps the running shoes more sacred. It's another clever trick I use to encourage myself to run.

"I know you don't want to go running," I tell myself, "but if you do, you'll get to wear those super-cool running shoes..." I need all the clever tricks I can get to convince myself to run.

What really sold me on these Asics Gel-Trail Attack II's was the tread. I flipped the shoe over, and I caught a glimpse of how Pony-Tail Lady must run in the snow and ice. There is some serious traction on the bottom of these shoes. I will do whatever I can to be more like her, after all.

Plus, I got some of those "Trax" traction devise things to put on the bottom of my shoes, too. I'll try to walk to work in them tomorrow and see how it goes. I won't run in the slippery weather until I fully test these things.

I'm not stupid either. I know I'm too old to take many more flat out falls on the ice. But I'm hoping this all works out, or I'll just have to wait until spring to start the "real" running.

Even orange shoes have their limits.

1 comment:

Words My Own said...

Bitchin' Shoes, Miss Julie! You'll be walking to work in style. And if it's dark out, we'll easily be able to see you!