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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

First Day of Work at Ruff Wear

First Word: Fabulous.

Second Word: Impressed.

Third Word: Lucky.

1. Great people. I've always known people who care this much about dogs are good to the core. Plus, being an extrovert and all, I'm thrilled to be back in an office, not stuck at home.

2. Amazingly well thought out product development ("You need that much extra fabric behind the zipper so the long-haired dogs don't get their hair caught. They hate that! We repositioned the ring to a 90' angle so when the dog walks beside you the leash doesn't twist.")

I think these people could probably work for NASA, that's how smart they are. But only if the space dogs came back down to earth after the test flights. Poor Laika.

3. Uh...there's even a view of Bachelor out the windows.

And, to answer all your questions, yes, my dear, sweet doggie will get to test some Ruff Wear product. After I told the "cold dog" sob story to product development team (I took her for a walk in the woods in the snow this weekend, and her feet got so cold, she limped home, and shivered from lack of body heat) they insisted I pick out some boots and a coat for her.

[I've got some "instant equity" property on Aubrey Butte I'm going to sell them, too. Just kidding. I wasn't lying to get free stuff. My dog really did get too cold! She's a short haired house dog, after all...]

For the record, Ruff Wear sells dog BOOTS, not dog BOOTIES. Booties are for babies, apparently. I stand corrected. Twice.

Happy happy, joy joy, I got a new job, and it's a good one!


Jen said...

Yea! Congrats on a great first day. :) Looking forward to see your doggy decked out in her new duds.

Live on the Fly said...

Lucky you! And lucky them for having you on board! I'm totally jealous.

Margaret said...

Congratulations on your new job! Sounds like a great place :)