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Friday, December 28, 2007

Chocolate Donut

I'd finally reached my limit on the sugar. After a day of eating too many chocolate shortbread cookies to count, and polishing off the last of the mini-Reese's in my stocking, I woke up this morning ready for the pre-new year's resolution.

This is the one I make a few days before New Year's Eve, in order to get a jump start on the new year. It usually lasts for three days or so, before the New Year's Eve party and the New Year's Day ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, and assorted pies roll out of the kitchen and onto my plate.

This is just one more clever trick in my arsenal of Chubby Mommy diet tips. You haven't really gained 5 pounds if you lost that same 5 pounds two weeks ago in preparation for the food fest of Christmas and New Year's week. It's just a wash, really, no need for guilt.

So, today, I got up and had an apple. Then I did my morning routine: have coffee with husband and talk about local real estate, the stock market, and the start-up company, read the paper, make sure the 14 year old who sleeps for 14 hours at stretch is actually alive, check email, pet the dog, watch the pony tail lady run by and wonder why the heck she doesn't fall down on the snow/ice like I did (I actually splatted full-on, flat-out, face-down!) last time I went walking in this weather. I was too chicken to run for fear of slipping...good thing, I probably would have broken a bone!

Later, for my snack, I had some super healthy sliced turkey. I was on my way to a good day, I just knew it. I had that powerful feeling I get when I think I may make it an entire day without sugar. It's a will-power thing. Sort of an Oprah-inspired moment.

Just then, my husband came back from the store. I'd asked him to go get some milk, bread, fruit, and something for dinner.

He got Cheetos, steak, iceberg lettuce, tomatos and some bananas. Not exactly healthy-mommy diet food. But I can say no to cheetos. I have problems with sweets, not salty snacks.

Then he pulled out the surprise punch: chocolate covered glazed donuts.

We don't eat many donuts at this house. If we got in the habit of eating lots of donuts, there'd be no hope for me maintaining anything close to a "normal range" size. I hardly ever buy them, personally. My Skinny Man does sometimes, just for fun, and because he gets hungry if it's too low fat around our house for too long.

I think it's been about six months since I had a donut. I love donuts, I really do.

"Oh, great," I sighed when I saw them, "So much for my day without sugar..."

" don't have to eat this," he offered helpfully. "I'll eat two. I don't mind, really."

As if.

Some things are just meant to be eaten and enjoyed, and a chocolate donut is one of them. I'm glad my tongue's not black anymore. It was so happy about that donut.

Maybe I'll try to put some of those spiky things on the bottoms of my shoes and run on the soft parts of the street later, to work off my donut.

Tomorrow, probably.


Jen said...

Do you want some fudge to go with your donut? I have a little bit more... :)

Miss Julie - Chubby Mommy said...

Get thee behind me, Satan!