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Friday, November 30, 2007

What About the Running, You Say?

I'm not sure what happened with my running routine. I went into hibernation, I think. I got a bit sidetracked, I admit.

The real truth is, I got cold during all that gray rain we had last week, and the white snow that landed on my sidewalk this week.

I hate being cold. In fact, I'm looking forward to a hot flash or two when menopause hits, just to warm up.

But then it hit me: I live in Bend, and it's cold in the winter. This problem won't go away for months. I've got to figure out how to deal with it.

I think I need one of those runner's masks I've heard about to save my lungs from the freeze. And maybe I need some real winter running clothes, instead of my $8 cotton lounge pants from Ray's. I saw some in my REI sale magazine that came in the mail yesterday. Under Armor. That's what I need.

So, maybe I have to buy stuff to run? That seems ridiculous. There's a neighbor lady who runs by our house every day. She is not chubby. I think it's because she runs every day. She does not have a mask, and her clothes look regular.

We call her "pony-tail lady," because she has a long pony-tail that swings around when she runs. She seems friendly and smiles at us when she sees us. We smile back. Such a friendly, swingy pony tail. I look forward to seeing her. It's part of my morning routine, which consists of sitting in my soft chair drinking coffee and looking out the window.

She's one of those runners who makes it look effortless. As if she just wakes up, puts on the shoes, and could happily run for hours and hours. I think she must love running.

I wish I could be that way. Maybe I should grow my hair out into a long, swingy pony-tail. That wouldn't cost me a dime, and all that extra hair might keep me warmer, too. And maybe I could be part of someone else's morning routine. It's good to give back.

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