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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Under the Weather

I'm under the weather. I guess that means I'm sick. I'm not sure where that phrase comes from and why it means I'm sick. If the weather is good, and I'm not, I can understand that being under it is bad. But the weather's kinda crappy today. Cold, gray, windy, kinda shivery. Sort of how I feel, actually.

I didn't even feel like drinking coffee this morning, which is a big deal for me. Two of my best things in life are climbing into my good bed at night, and getting up for coffee in the morning. They go hand in hand, I think. I like to have things to look forward to.

If I stay in bed all day, there isn't that much to look forward to. This is one reason I keep busy all day, and one reason being sick is such a drag for me. It takes away the fun of going to bed.

Sometimes, if I'm too busy for too many months, I wish I could stay in bed and watch TV. But then, if I do, I remember it's only fun for about two hours. After that, I get antsy, and start complaining about how there aren't enough good shows, and I get bored.

If I drink coffee all day, coffee isn't as special; plus, I get jittery with too much coffee, and I get a stomach ache, and don't feel as kindly toward the coffee. I don't like to be mad at my coffee, since coffee is such a good friend to me.

At night, right before I get into my beloved bed, I walk around the house and turn off the lights. When I see my friendly coffee pot on the counter, right before I turn out the kitchen light, I smile at it. I get a little sweet feeling about that coffee pot, knowing I will see it in the morning and pour some nice, dark, rich coffee out of it and into my cup. That coffee pot has been very good to me.

Which is why being under the weather is so sad for me in so many ways. Being tired of my bed by 10:00 a.m. and unable to drink my coffee really bums me out.

My life is so hard, it almost makes me cry.

1 comment:

Live on the Fly said...

Weren't we just discussing your nightly ritual, which includes one last loving glance at your coffee pot before you go to bed? I hope today is a better day for you, Miss Julie.