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Friday, November 23, 2007

Trader Joe's = Instant Party

I called my friend Darcy today and told her to come over to my house. I told her to bring her children, and her husband, and her mother, and any cousins or in-laws who might be hanging around. I told her I would be serving a mini-feast of assorted wines, gourmet cheeses, some dried fruit medleys, and even a little "Vintage Tawny Port," for a crowd.

No, I didn't win the lottery in order to throw this lavish holiday weekend soiree. And no, I don't have a new job yet, either. I went to Trader Joe's when I was in Eugene for Thanksgiving. I can make a fabulous party for cheap when I shop there.

I love that guy, Trader Joe. He picks the best stuff, and sells it to me for a song. I'm surprised I don't hear more singing in the aisles when I'm there. It seems there could be more dancing, too. I mean, seriously, the fancy cheese is twice as much at Safeway, and I don't even open the $3 buck "yuck" other stores sell to people like my tight-wad husband. But the $3-$4 wine at Trader Joe's is pretty darn good.

I'm always shocked when the friendly Joe's cashier tells me my total, after cheerfully loading 6 bags into my cart. I pretend he gives me deep discounts every time I shop there because he has a secret crush on me, or that he must have forgetten to ring in a few bottles of wine, but after I go comb through the receipt again, I see the truth. It's just much cheaper to shop there.

I'm so excited about the new Trader Joe's opening up in Bend in early 2008. It makes me glad to live here, and gives me hope that I can stay here forever. As long as I can see the mountains, breathe clean air, and shop at Trader Joe's, I'll be okay.


Jen said...

I like their gnocchi. Yummm...

But last I heard it isn't a party without me around. ;)

Little Things said...

I adore Trader Joe's, and had to stock up on several items before we moved! Sadly, I didn't bring any of their frozen goods or the Maui ribs, which my entire family loves. I can't wait for the new store here in Bend to open - it was supposed to be open this month originally!