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Monday, August 14, 2006

Gold Star Club

We want to help and encourage our readers to feel good about “trying, not crying!” If you have fitness goals you’d like to list publicly, here’s the place to do it. Leave comments here, and we’ll check in regularly. Public comment posting is an easy forum. Some day we’ll add some more advanced forum features, so stay tuned.

For now, we’ll give out virtual gold stars to worthy posts and achievements, and eventually, we’ll be sending real prizes.

If your company would like to be a Gold Star Club sponsor, let us know, and we’ll give out schwag bags as we see fit, and sponsor contests, too. We’ll list your link and thank you profusely and publicly on this blog.

We will only accept product we like, however, so don’t be mad if we say no to your generous offer. Hey, it’s our blog, man!

Our readers are a great target market niche, so think about Chubby Mommy Running Club when you’re figuring out your marketing plan. Coupons are an easy way to measure ROI, too, and we’re happy to offer download-able coupons for your business as prizes.

For more information, please email (!


deb said...

Howdy, chubby mommy runners.

Ok I have two public goals I will share with y'all.

#1. three days a week I will do my age in pushups. I do standard (not knee-down) pushups, or I do stability ball pushups. NOT at all one time, as that would kill me, but between getting and going to sleep. The count at the moment: 56 each day.

#2. On 10/16/08 I will do my first unassisted pull-up as an adult woman. It will be video taped. There will likely be some charity fund-raising involved. Film at 11.

So there ya go. goals stated.

Miss Julie said...

Go Deb! Go Deb! How are you doing with pushups this week? Personally, I have not done any, but now you are inspiring me.

Stay tuned for Deb's guest post on 10/16/08. She will tell us how the push up felt.


Miss Julie said...

Hey there, Deb did her push-up early! Here's the Gold Star for Deb post:

Way to go Deb!

Anonymous said...

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Autism Pro Blogger said...

I ran my first 5k last month! I started running in November... I could NOT run at all before that (Or at least I THOUGHT I couldn't). Now I run a few times a week and run my 5k every weekend. And I'm not QUITE as chubby! LOVE running!!! Thanks for this site; it is perfect for me.